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Freedom Leisure partnership starts 1 July

Thursday 10 June

Freedom Leisure have been confirmed as the organisation to partner with New Forest District Council to operate all five health and leisure centres across the district.

As of 1 July 2021, Freedom Leisure will be responsible for all daily running's of the services and facilities within the centres whilst New Forest District Council will still be responsible for the larger scale planned maintenance of the buildings.

This is an exciting step forward for New Forest District Council and New Forest Health and Leisure as it will allow for greater investments within the health and wellbeing service.

Freedom Leisure have proposed multiple new future developments to increase the centres accessibility and to help encourage more people to stay active

You can find more information about Freedom Leisure here www.freedom-leisure.co.uk

Freedom Leisure's online presentation

Health and leisure report

You can read up on the health and leisure report on New Forest District Council's website

Preferred bidder announcement 

20 January 2021 | Preferred bidder update

Following a bidding process, Freedom Leisure are the preferred bidder to manage New Forest District Council's health and leisure service.  

Freedom Leisure are a not-for-profit leisure trust. All financial surpluses are reinvested in support of shared objectives with their partners.  

Originally set up in 2002 to manage leisure centres in a rural East Sussex district, Freedom Leisure now runs 101 leisure facilities for 23 council partners, schools and academies.  

Next steps 

The recommendation will be going to the following decision-making meetings: 

  • Community and Leisure Panel (9 February 2021) 

  • Cabinet (17 February 2021) 

  • Full Council (25 February 2021) 

We will also add updates to this web page.  

You can email questions about the review to leisure.review@nfdc.gov.uk  

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