COPD Classes

COPD circuit classes are specifically for clients with pulmonary conditions. 

Attendees should have a referral from a health professional to attend the class. The COPD circuit is part of the Active Lifestyle scheme and customers can attend the classes for six months to a year depending on progress.  Speak to your Active Lifestyle advisor for more information or to check suitability. Customers should either bring their referral forms to their nearest participating health and leisure centre to book a first assessment with the instructor or by calling 023 8028 5531.

Learn more about what our COPD classes can offer you by watching the informational video above.

Check out times and centres

How to book

Booking is easy and there are plenty of options:

  • simply pop to your local health and leisure centre and visit reception
  • or call 023 8028 5531 

If you cannot book online, you may need to register as a pay-as-you-go user before you book. Register online below and then call 023 8028 5531 to make your first booking.


Active Lifestyles£3.60
Fitness DirectIncluded
Senior Active£3.60


What do I need to bring?

  • Any medication that may be required during exercise (Inhalers, Oxygen, etc)
  • Loose, comfortable clothing for maximum movement
  • Suitable non-slip footwear
  • Water/drinks bottle
  • Small towel
  • £1 deposit for locker (20p deposit for lockers in our dry changing room at Ringwood)

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