Policy on carers

Who does this affect?

New Forest Health and Leisure hope to make all activities accessible to as many people as possible in our communities. We therefore welcome people who need the support of a carer and will do our best to make your visit an easy and enjoyable one.

What is a carer?

A carer is anyone who cares, paid or unpaid, for an individual, a friend or family member 8yrs and over who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction, cannot cope without their support. An individual may also require a carer if they are frail or receiving palliative care.

How do I bring a carer?

If you require the support of a carer whilst paying to use our facilities, we would ask you to make our reception staff aware, so that we can give you a subscription. This subscription will enable you to always have the support of a carer whilst you are paying to use our facilities. The carer during these times will be permitted free access whilst accompanying you and enable the carer to change as necessary from visit to visit. You are however, required to visit reception on each visit so that we can verify who is with you and permit them access. We will ask you to clarify what support you require from your carer and any information you supply will be treated in strict confidence. We do understand that not everyone who needs a carer necessarily realises that fact, so requests for the subscription may also come from a carer, friend or relative.

Will my carer have to pay?

If you are paying to use our facilities your carer will be allowed free access when accompanying you to the changing rooms, swimming pool, gym and even some classes (where numbers are not limited). However, there are some conditions of use. The carer will be allowed to use the facilities, but must at all times, be in a role that is supportive and encouraging. It is not acceptable for a carer to be 'doing their own thing' and if this is the case, that person will not be allowed access as a carer and will be expected to pay in full. If a carer wishes to use the gym, then they must have a gym induction and the induction must be paid for, although following that, access will be free of charge if accompanying someone requiring support or care.

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